A warm welcome on my side!
The fact that you found your way to me, shows that we have a common passion. Reborn babies are something very special. For me the mean:

  • Attention to details
  • Love for the elaborate craft
  • A look for quality
  • And a great deal of empathy in the wishes and ideas of my customers

Get caught up in the magic of my lifelike, custom-made reborn babies as well as those, who are already looking for new home.
I am very much looking forward to designing your custom made reborn doll, as well as those who are already looking for new home. Take a look at my website and let yourself be inspired or sign up for one of my workshops to share your passion with others.


There are hundreds of ways to use handmade artist dolls: to collect them , to decorate your house, to remind someone or just brighten up the day with a nice gift

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“Every baby tells its story.”

Renata Kunz

a baby is born

It is my pleasure to spend about 60 hours of work into the process of your individual reborn baby. Each doll can be shaped individually according to your requirements – even according to a picture template.

Everything is possible

Together, we will create a beautiful reborn baby – Your Reborn Baby.
Each doll of mine is unique and therefor exists only once worldwide. Just give me a call or write me an E-mail and let me know your imagination!

adopted babies

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